Museums Are…

I came to Cooperstown ready to learn about the roles that museums play in our society, and I’ve spent the last two years doing just that (and so much more). As I look towards my impending career, I pulled out a list that I started before moving to New York and have added to throughout this adventure. What can museums be? Check it out:

Museums Are (Or Could Be)…

  • Cultural institutions that have an impact
  • Relevant centers for civic engagement
  • Catalysts for social change
  • Vehicles for conversation and inter-cultural exchange
  • Cultural assets that serve the community
  • Conversation generators
  • Creators of reciprocity between humans
  • A microcosm of the world we live in
  • Mirrors to the past; windows to the future
  • Advocates for inclusion and diversity


    What did I miss? Comment and add your own thoughts. What can museums be in our society?


About catebay

Informal educator working in the world of art. Interests in public programming and community advocacy. Loves learning about people, collecting blue mason jars, and consuming Swedish fish.
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