Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

“In this piece – you’re the art.” I recently visited the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) and was struck by the number of pieces of art that included mirrors. A security guard noticed me pondering a piece of art on the wall and told me that I was the art, which prompted me to wonder – why do we visit art museums? What do we hope to discover? Are we learning more about art or more about ourselves? Here are a few of the images I captured…

In C3, the Center for Creative Connections, the idea of space was discussed, unraveled, and challenged through interactive art experiences.

In the children’s section of C3, mirrors accompanied a dialogue about colors, images, and space.

 In a way, each time this piece of modern art is viewed, it is a different piece of art. Do you think the artist intended to use the visitors in this way?

What’s your perspective?






About catebay

Informal educator working in the world of art. Interests in public programming and community advocacy. Loves learning about people, collecting blue mason jars, and consuming Swedish fish.
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