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Cracking the 20’s Code

“There are two very important things to understand. There are two types of institutions – old and young. Old institutions tend to be traditional. There are two sizes of institutions – large and small. Large institutions tend to be traditional. … Continue reading

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2012 Interns

Here I am pictured with the other exhibitions development summer interns. What an amazing group of women to work with! Not only did I get to try my hand at management, but I was also able to collaborate with other … Continue reading

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Birds Of A Feather…

Birds Of A Feather...

As part of the Field Intern Program, the museum offers optional tours of different departments and collections throughout the summer. Not only are these tours a once in a lifetime opportunity, but they bring together interns from all over the museum to bond and network. Options include everything from the insect collection and rare books to the over-sized anthropology collection and reptile rooms! Did you know that the Field has its own room for keeping human remains? Today, I learned all about the half a million specimens of birds that are housed on site. The zoology department here has the fourth largest bird collection in the world! The interns and I even got to see a group of carrion beetles eat the flesh off a skeleton that was going to be preserved. Not what I was expecting at all, but for the bird curators, it’s just a normal day at the office! Just another example of the partnership between research and public institution that goes on every day at the Field.

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Adopt a T. Rex

Imagine this – you’re an eight year old sleeping over at the Field Museum. You spent the night wandering the exhibits, learning about Sue the dinosaur, and playing flashlight tag in the dark. In the morning, you’re sleep deprived but … Continue reading

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Extreme Mammals!

During my time in the education department here at the Field, my goal has been to get my hand in AS MANY things as possible! School programming, family programming, teen programing, public programming – the works! This weekend, the Crown … Continue reading

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Word to Your Mummy

Word to Your Mummy

Students from the Digital Planet teenage program got to spend a week exploring the museum, learning from experts in the field, and creating their own short films. Here, they talk with JP Brown, Associate Conservator of Anthropology, who gave a talk about the Field’s adventure into CT technology and how it can help us learn more about mummies. A bust of King Tut constructed using CT scans and a 3D artist currently resides in Images of the Afterlife, a small temporary exhibition at the Field.

I was able to observe parts of the week long program and attend a film screening where all participants showcased their shorts. Some were documentary style while others were based off television shows and music videos. Needless to say, they were definitely creative! Hats off to the Digital Learning team at the Field for hosting seven weeks of FREE technology-based programming for Chicago-area teens!

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Double-edged Interviews

I would like to introduce you to an intern’s best friend: the informational interview. Another interview, you ask?! Didn’t I have to jump through enough hoops to land this sweet internship in the first place! But don’t worry, you now … Continue reading

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